New Dual Purpose Turkey/ Broiler Unit

New Dual Purpose Turkey/ Broiler Unit

Sat, 7 Jun 8:45 AM  |  Projects | 

Progress: 100%

Rockview is in he final Stages of completing a new dual purpose turkey/broiler unt in Antrim

This is the first of its kind built to a new high welfare specification that can be used for growing turkeys or chickens.

We had responsibilty for the execuation of all concrete works and the erection of the timberframe.

It is 252ft *57ft clear span unit. It has been fitted with windows to each side of the house completed with rack and pinion automated opening shutters. On the inside the walls have being lined using premium grade hygene sheeting that has enormous impact resistance.

An intial detailed design consultation with the client and the fit out contratctor has lead to an extremely satisfying build for all.  Our client was very speific in his needs and we could adopt his thoughts and apply them in the manufacture and construction phase.

The result has been extremely positive for everyone on the build. The client is extremly satisfied with the finish of the build an yet again we have secured futher orders on the back of another quality build.