GP Rearing Unit Fermanagh (222*80ft Single Posted)

GP Rearing Unit Fermanagh (222*80ft Single Posted)

 Sun, 12 Oct 10:41 AM

Rockview Engineering has recently commisioned a new GP Rearing facility In Fermanagh

This the clients fifth unit onsite bringing bird numbers to over 22000.

This was a 222*80ft single posted glulam structure designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

We also trimmed out the internal layout to created 10 colonies of birds within the unit. this ensures the birds can be reared with excellence and ensure a high quality bird can be reared to the point of lay.

The pen divisions were completed in such a maner that they will never have to be removed form the house when rotating the birds. This was an important feature that other house builders could ot do in the past.

Along with the new structure 3nr of the existing units were re- roofed  as the old roof had begun to fail.

Our client is extremely satisfied and already has other refurbishment works booked at intercrop for his other units.