N Ireland First Dual Wall Poultry House

N Ireland First Dual Wall Poultry House

Tue, 24 Sep 8:28 AM  |  Projects | 

Progress: 100%

Rockview Engineering Ltd has completed N Ireland First Dual Wall Poultry Unit

Our Dual wall system benefits such as

• Low Maintenance

• Structural Strength (80% improvement)

• High insulation (65% Improvement)

• Air Tight (90% improvement)


There is no blistering/delamination.

There is no warping.

There is no cracking.

The dual wall system offers the client with a low maintenance building but at the same time improves the overall structural strength and wind resistance. 

As the buildings are more rigid less air leaks will be experienced and to add to this the cladding system is external to the main frame which also reduces the chance of any air leaks.

The net result of this is that the ventilations systems work a lot better as air movements are more controlled within the house resulting in better litter performance and better bird performance.

It is these properties that is making our dual wall system a market leader and is rapidly becoming our clients number one choice of build.