Grand Parent Rearing Unit Eglish Dungannon

Grand Parent Rearing Unit Eglish Dungannon

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Progress: 100%

Rockview Engineering is currently completing another GP Rearing facility.

This project is not a standard structure for a timber frame poultry unit as it has a glulam structure incorporated into the build

Glulam is a very versatile engineered timber that constitutes far superior structural properties than standard timber. This house has been engineered so that there is a single supporting post in the middle rather than the conventional double posted arrangement. This leaves the house ideal for dividing the house up for the rearing of small individual colonies of birds.

The concrete and building works was also completed by Rockview Engineering Ltd

First Concrete was poured into foundations on 1st week in October and the timber frame will be completed 1st Week in December (8wks from start to finish). As we managed the site from the foundation level to finished house an extremely tight deadline could be adhered to.

To add to this we also re furbished two existing units on the same site.