Armagh Refurbishment

Armagh Refurbishment

Sat, 24 May 10:05 AM  |  Projects | 

Progress: 100%

Recently we have completed a refurbishment of a Broiler Unit in Armagh.

This unit is 20+yrs old and was'nt satisfying the new select bird welfare rquirements.

This structure is a typical double posted timberframe  with the external skin being timber. Over the years the timber has become weathered and become an in-efficient structure from a maintenance and  heat loss prospective.

We removed all side wall partitions and replaced them with highly efficient composite panels. To add to this, we also fitted double glazed window units complete with hinged light louvers that are controlled by rack and pinions. The gable end was completely replaced with the same panels and a new blockwork plinth was re-fitted.

Our client is extremely satisfied with the refurb and already admits to seeing a reduction in gas consumption.

He has paid tribute to the high level of skilled workmanship and selection of quality materials that was employed to achieve such a high standard of refurb.

He has decided to continue the trend across his site and refurb another 2 units.