Published: Mon, 2 Sep 12:15 PM

We have constructed a large number of broiler units throughout the country. These have been completed in both Timberframe and steel frame.

Steel frame is becoming a more common method of build for the broiler units. The large clear span is ideal when it comes to rotating the crop. The steel frames tend to be more expensive at the time of construction, but the added investment quickly pays back as the crop turn around times are quicker.

All broiler units can be internally and externally clad using low maintenance cladding. Various insulating options are also available to reduce the energy consumption within the house. Broiler units are commonly fitted with highly insulated windows along the length of the house. This allows natural light to enter the house but at the same time ensures high level energy efficiency.


Each house in our range is designed to suit customer requirements. Houses are bespoke to each customer and it is rare to have two customers that want the exact same as another. We can accommodate these requirements at design/consultation stage.

Computer Aided Design software (CAD) is used to deisgn the structure. Drawings produced at this time have all of the intricate details highlighted in order to achieve a top quality fabrication. These drawings are used to execute the site works also.

The Civils team excavate and place concrete floors and walls in accordance with these drawings. All houses are manufactured from the drawings and no site measurement occurs. For this reason it is critical that the Civils team adhere to all dimensions on the drawings in order for the house to fit.

Our skilled team of tradesmen also use these drawings to fabricate sectional panels/ trusses/ doors etc for all house types.  We emphasise in doing as much work in our factory as possible as it is a controlled environment and quality workmanship can be much easily attained.

With control over the Civils work, along with the house leave a fast put through for our factory, and also for the client onsite ensuring deadlines are adhered to.

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